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Norton Antivirus Review

When external threats attack your system, you can lose classified information. And when your personal and financial information is at risk, you cannot take any chances. With Norton Antivirus, you can defend your devices against malware, spyware and virus. Read our Norton antivirus review below to learn more.

Norton Antivirus Overview

Delivering five-layer antivirus protection at industry-leading speeds!

When internet security is your top priority, you need to keep your options open. With a number of antivirus software available in the market, it becomes hard to distinguish the best one. This generally depends on your internet security needs.

If you have a single device that needs a low level of protection, you can work with most antivirus software available in the market. But when you have a complex and multi-device system, not just any antivirus will do for you. For the work ahead, you’d need a powerful option that helps protect your device, and also safeguards your private and financial information.

Known for its industry leading protection services, Norton Antivirus is a powerful security system for your devices. The antivirus defends against ransomware, malware, spyware and other online threats, keeping your devices free of nuisance causing viruses.

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Once you’ve bought the package of your choice, the setup is fairly easy when compared to other antivirus in the market. Just go on their website, download the software and register for the product key. When you start the download, Norton Antivirus gives you the option to download some extensions. They can be quite helpful and it’s recommended that you download them. The download wizard takes you through each step of the download so there’s no confusion at all.


With a high number of features, users would expect Norton Antivirus to be hard to navigate. Surprisingly though, the user interface for Norton Antivirus is fairly easy. It would have been inconvenient if you’d have to search through each drop box to find the feature you want. To make it easier for you, the included search bar does the job for you. The application’s search bar makes sure you don’t have to waste precious time looking through the extensive list of features offered by Norton Antivirus. Overall, the application provides the user with an easy to navigate user interface that’s uncluttered.

Keeping the convenience of their users in mind, the standard settings of the application apply to most users. The system updates are also automated, which means there’s nothing else you need to do to have the latest protection.

Detection Tools

With four types of scans, Norton Antivirus surely is one of the best option available in the market. The full scan goes over everything in your device, which means that it’s a time consuming process. The overall scan takes about 2 hours 45 minutes to complete. You have the option of setting them to some specific date or time. You can even set up for automatic full scans so that you don’t have to go through the trouble every time.

The quick scan goes looking for threats in the most common places they are found and hence might miss a few critical malware in the system. The scan takes place in the background and with its intelligent technology, the application detects when your device is idle and then runs the scan.

One of the 5 layer protection components, the power eraser tool is an aggressive malware eliminator and hence proves to be a worthy part of the application. The only downside to this tool? It might damage your legitimate programs and Norton Antivirus does warm users before they begin the scan. However, there are quite few chances of this happening.

5 Layer protection

Unlike other antivirus applications in the market, Norton Antivirus has devised a 5 layer protection plan for your devices.

• Intrusion Prevention Wall:
The first layer is the intrusion prevention wall that protects the browsers and operating systems.

• Antivirus File Scan:
Next comes the antivirus file scan. Norton Antivirus scans the files on your system, making sure no malicious codes can damage the system. With its vast knowledge of malware codes, the application is able to detect previously known malware, hence protecting your system.

• Reputation Database:
Each file that your device downloads is scanned by Norton Antivirus. If the files are from some a reputable developer, the application passes it and they download fairly easy. As for the files that the system can’t recognize raises a flag. The application considers them as a threat and treats them that way.

• SONAR Behavior Monitoring:
With the patented SONAR behavior Technology, Norton Antivirus keeps an eye on all the software ever downloaded on your system. The application is designed to detect malware and follow the activities of any suspicious software. Aware that any legitimate software wouldn’t access your contacts or make changes to your system, Norton Antivirus detects such software and puts a stop to all their illegal activities.

• Powerful Erase and Repair
Lastly, with powerful erase and repair tools, Norton Antivirus searches, detects and destroys deep-rooted malware.

Additional Protection

File cleanup tool: Gives your web browsers a thorough cleaning and clears away the cookies that cause delays during browsing.

Startup manager: Delays some of the startup programs to provide a smooth start.

Disk optimization: defragments your data to speed up your computer.

25GB of online backup storage: protects your critical files from attack by storing a copy on the cloud.

Norton Family parental controls: cloud based tool that allows you to monitor and manage your kids’ internet use.

Multi Device Safety

With the different packages offered by Norton Antivirus, you can get protection for up to 10 devices at the same time. Be they PCS or smart phones, with Norton Antivirus your personal and financial data is always in safe hands.

Customer Support

Although Norton Antivirus Basic provides the more critical components of Norton’s more pricey protection products, it features somewhat minimal client support. That stated, Norton has released an updated Support Hub, that features an outstanding collection of resources, featuring video guides and an online community forum. There’s even a diagnostic software that is able to correct some issues instantly.

Norton Security Conventional and Norton Security Deluxe feature an improvement on this specific element. Client support is offered through the phone as well as online, and all of these plans include a promise that a Norton professional will maintain your device virus free or offer you a full refund—that’s what’s great about Norton’s customer support.


The Basic Version of Norton is currently just $19.99 a year, a substantial reduction of 60% from the standard pricing, and some of the most budget-friendly premium Anti-viruses on the market. Besides its additional constraints, Basic is only good for a single PC — It is not compatible with Mac. The upgrade to Norton Security Standard is going to cost you $39.99 per year. In addition to all the additional functions we’ve detailed in our review, this antivirus works with Mac, along with iOS and Android, but includes coverage for a single device. In case you want Antivirus protection for several devices, Norton Security Deluxe is just $49.99 for five devices– more than enough to protect the majority of households.

Bottom Line

Norton Antivirus is the market leading antivirus and the features it offers proves that it’s one of the best. With affordable security options for each user, Norton Antivirus is the pinnacle of convenience that you’ve been looking for. Norton Antivirus is powered by one of the world’s largest 24×7 threat monitoring networks. The silent update features provides you the ease of enjoying the latest updates without having to manually install them.

Norton Antivirus provides protection against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats. And with no in-product advertising to pester you, Norton Antivirus has quickly established itself as a reliable antivirus. The most remarkable option is the seamless upgrade feature that makes sure the application upgrades as per your needs. All of this takes place with your permission so that you’re always aware of the processes taking place in the system.