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PC Protect Review

When security is your major concern, you want to select the best option for your needs. With external threats roaming free in the digital world, you need a strong antivirus to protect your system and data. PC Protect antivirus offers a solution to all these problems. Read the in-depth PC Protect antivirus review below to find out more!

PC Protect Overview

All the features you need at a price that can’t be beaten!

When it comes to getting security for your system, you should always keep your eyes on the price. There are several antivirus applications in the market that’ll take your money but their services are certainly not worth a penny. And when you’ve paid good money for something, you’d expect to get something good in return.

PC Protect antivirus is another antivirus application trying to protect your personal and financial data from external threats on the internet. With a remarkable easy setup and installation process, PC Protect antivirus is geared to provide the ultimate convenience to its users. Want to know about some more remarkable features of this antivirus? Read on and be enlightened.

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The main issue with most antivirus programs is that users find them, too technical to handle. Not every user is a whiz and hence extensive download settings tend to put off most people. That’s not the case with PC Protect antivirus. There’s a long list of things that work in the favor of PC Protect antivirus but the best of this application’s feature is definitely easy setup.

The help centre on the website is the knowledge base and tells users everything they need to know about the setup and download. You can easily access the database and get information on how to install the system on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. You can also find step by step videos that explain each step in a detailed manner. All of this works in your favor and makes sure that the setup is simple and easy for every user, whether they are beginners or experts. You can also opt for an auto-update option as the application is being downloaded. By selecting this option, you can get rid of the hassle of manually updating the application every time a new update comes out. So all in all, it’s quite easy to install and setup the application. Once PC Protect antivirus is downloaded, you’d be done setting it up in a few minutes.


With a sleek black interface, PC Protect antivirus sure does bring class to your system. Bold buttons make the application easy to use for even the novice users. This is the perfect option for any system that a family has to share. Even children would be able to use the application easily. The options for scans are available in plain sight and hence starting them couldn’t be easier. As the program does its work, you can sit back and relax. For easy access, there’s a toolbar right there on the screen. Situated on the left hand side, the toolbar contains everything you need to make sure your system is safe from external threats. The options of safe browsing, WebShield settings, VPN, password vault etc, are all available for easy access.

Detection Tools

Lagging processes and slow speeds can quickly frustrate the user. When work is on your mind, any unnecessary interruption is bound to make you day sour. Systems tend to go slow with use but they don’t always have to remain that way. With the system boost option in PC Protect antivirus, you can once again get your system to work at fast speed. The system boost option improves your system’s boot up time. This way, you don’t have to wait long for your computer to start. System boost also controls other applications on the system and makes sure to stop unnecessary processes that slow down your system.

With two different types of scanning, PC Protect antivirus offers a great range of options. Nothing that hasn’t been done by antivirus applications before but nonetheless still helpful. The QuickScan is certainly quick considering all the basic checks it needs to do for a wide range of applications. The QuickScan scans cookies, browser, desktop, startup and cache.

If you want a more in-depth scan then it’s the Full System Scan that’ll be of assistance to you. The process does take a little longer but also provides more coverage than the QuickScan. It goes through the entire internal disk and scans each crevice of the system. For your convenience, PC Protect antivirus offers the option of setting time for automatic scans. This way you can set a time when you won’t be using the device. This step ensures that the system doesn’t get slow while you’re working.

WebShield settings continuously work in the background to protect the system from malicious external threats including malware, spyware, hackers, phishing and viruses. Gone are your worries about safeguarding your system. Whether it’s your personal information or financial information, PC Protect antivirus keeps it protected at all times.

Additional Protection

By providing a two way firewall, PC Protect antivirus keeps your personal and financial information from falling into the wrong hands. The reign of hackers and cyber criminals is getting stronger and that‘s why the tools of protestation also need to be better than before. Along with a strong antivirus, every system needs a compatible firewall, and that’s what PC Protect antivirus provides to all its users. A great feature to compliment the firewall is the free VPN that PC Protect antivirus offers all its users. With your data encrypted, you can be sure that your information and the whole system is secure.

Disk cleaner helps with space optimization. Any duplicate photos on your system needs to go as they tend to pile up and slow down the speed of your system. The cleaner also finds and deletes any cached data that might be causing your system to work ineffectively. It also deletes junk files like Windows Update logs, temporary files, error report files as well as clearing the recycle bin.

Customer Support

Going above and beyond, PC Protect antivirus provides extensive customer support. You can contact them anyway you see fit. If you’re comfortable using an email, you surely can. But some people prefer the convenience of a live chat and PC Protect antivirus also offers that. For a more detailed conversation, you can even call on their customer support number. Their FAQ page has all the information you’d need to make PC Protect antivirus work for your needs. Just go on their website, access their FAQ page and you’d be able to handle technical issues in a jiffy. PC Protect antivirus provides a strong customer support, which has definitely made it a crowd favorite.


Right now, there are three different plans to select from and each one is valid for a year:

Essential Plan: $24.95
Pro Plan: $39.95
Ultimate Plan: $59.95

Every plan offers a One Month satisfaction guarantee, in the event that you aren’t satisfied with the application you may simply get in touch with their support to get a refund. Keep in mind, just like the majority of anti-virus programs, PC Protect is going to bill you for your license at the time it’s set to expire at the regular subscription rate, therefore if you purchased the plan as a special offer, this particular offer will probably not be the cost for the following year. The auto-renewal very easy to cancel, simply ask their support team.

Bottom Line

With a strong malware protection, PC Protect antivirus prioritizes your online privacy. Included features make sure you have a smooth running system that keeps a strong hold on security. The VPN makes for private and secure antivirus software. The simple yet engaging interface is also a great plus point for PC Protect antivirus. Some people find PC Protect antivirus a bit pricey but considering the plethora of features and benefits it has to offer, the high price isn’t the worst thing to happen. So if you are on the lookout for simple yet effective antivirus software, PC Protect antivirus is right up your alley.