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ScanGuard Antivirus Review

In spite of being a relatively new software provider, ScanGuard antivirus is quickly gaining traction. Powered with cross-platform functionality and identity protection, the application provides complete protection. Their great customer service makes them a must-try antivirus software on the market. Read our ScanGuard antivirus review below to learn more.

ScanGuard Antivirus Overview

Protect your home, protect your family, and protect your friends with ScanGuard Antivirus!

Are you on the lookout for an antivirus that has a solid VPN and a range of additional features? Then ScanGuard is definitely worth checking out.

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Want the ease of mind and a no-hassle antivirus? ScanGuard antivirus is the ultimate convenient option you can get. With an effortless setup, ScanGuard antivirus gets full points. You can download the application directly from their website. You will be required to sign up to access all the features of ScanGuard antivirus.

Once you’re signed up and log onto your account, you can choose the product that you’d like to buy. Just click a button and the download starts soon. The best part about ScanGuard antivirus is the easy setup that provides relief to new users. Following the recommended setting, the setup takes less than 10 minutes. During download, you can set the frequency of the scans and even decide on the exact time. And since ScanGuard antivirus is available for the four major platforms, it is safe to say that the application has an impressive array of platform options.


With cross device compatibility, ScanGuard antivirus takes the stand as the best application around. No matter the device you use it on, you’d always get a great experience. The application is not just easy to use but it also doesn’t interfere with your device experience. As it silently works in the background, you can carry on with the usual processes.

The interface is easy-to-navigate since the dashboard has a great display. You get the whole overview of the threats on your device and the items that need to be quarantined. The buttons for the quick and full scan are also in plain view, making it easy for users to run them. The buttons for additional features such as the Disk Cleaner and System Boost are also situated on the dashboard. The toolbar provides easy access to other features as well. So, all in all, ScanGuard antivirus provides for one simple user interface.

Detection Tools

The application provides protection against ransomware, malware, and spyware. There are plenty of extra features included in the mix that’ll help to make the system operate smoothly. With real-time antivirus protection, you don’t have to worry about external threats sabotaging your device. ScanGuard antivirus offers two scan options to their users. You can go for the quick scan, which will help you keep a check on some limited areas. A regular quick scan with ScanGuard antivirus will help keep your system up-to-date.

The full scan on the other hand, provides a more in depth overview of your system. ScanGuard antivirus checks every nook and cranny of your system to prevent, identify, and attack potential threats. If ScanGuard antivirus detects anything malicious, the application will quarantine it immediately. This not only keeps your system safe but also prevents any further damage.

Another great feature of ScanGuard antivirus is that it protects you from phishing scams. With the identity protection feature, you can stay safe from identity theft. There are plenty of such threats out there and ScanGuard antivirus is one of the few applications that provide identity protection. The application keeps a vigilant eye on your activities online and alerts you promptly if you ever become a victim of online fraud.

If you want the job done, then ScanGuard antivirus’s firewall option does it for you. But that’s about all it can do. ScanGuard antivirus published on their website that they are aiming to create better version of the firewall but it might take some time. The two-way firewall would be able to prevent unauthorized access to your private data. There’s no doubt that the firewall option needs to be improved but if you are on the lookout for some basic security, then ScanGuard antivirus is a viable option.

Additional Protection

File manager allows users to clear up any duplicate files on the system that might be putting burden on the system. You can free some much needed system space with the disk cleaner offered by ScanGuard antivirus. Or if you need ease of browsing, you can use the web browser cleaner and manager to keep your files in check.

PC performance and optimization tools are a great way to optimize your output for speed and performance, managing your settings to keep your device running smoothly. You can easily go through the duplicate and unwanted files stored on your system and remove them. This however, will not have any impact on your saved information. Just choose the right options and you’ll be on your way to a better and speedy browsing experience.

Though ScanGuard antivirus doesn’t include parental control options yet, they do mean to introduce the option real soon. For more updates about their parental controls, you can visit their website. In spite of all the security features, ScanGuard antivirus has included an encrypted VPN option to further ease your mind. With the additional protection, you can browse the internet safely, by shielding all the data sent to and from the device.

Customer Support

With an extensive list of customer support options, ScanGuard antivirus just can’t go wrong. If you ever get stuck at a point, you can access their vast collection of guides and tutorials through their Knowledge Base. From easy setup to making necessary changes to suit your individual security needs, the tutorials are well phrased and extremely helpful. They provide in-depth knowledge and help you get the details you need to resolve any issue with ScanGuard antivirus.

ScanGuard antivirus also offers the option for live chat. Just visit their website and you’d be able to easily communicate with an expert via text. This way, you’d be able to get to the root of the problems and solve them expertly.

If none of these options appeal to you then you can call their dedicated 24/7 free hotline. You’d be connected with an expert and with real-time instructions, you’d be able to resolve the issues immediately. Since ScanGuard antivirus offers such diverse tech support, it’s no surprise that people love the application and the ease it provides.


ScanGuard’s Essential plan costs $24.95 annually, however it’ll just handle a single device. The Professional edition is $39.95, permitting three devices and additional components featuring the hard drive cleaner and the startup guard. Lastly, the Ultimate edition ($59.95) includes PC optimization solutions and increased internet security, handling as much as five devices. It’s fairly inexpensive compared to the other antivirus software, by having the included incentive of VPN security.

ScanGuard provide refunds within the initial 30 days, therefore you should not get any complications if it isn’t a good fit for you.

Bottom Line

A good and simple all rounder for internet security needs, ScanGuard antivirus provides a solid antivirus protection to multiple devices at once. With some great extra features, ScanGuard antivirus is likely one of the best Antivirus applications on the market. With an excellent customer support system and identity protection, you can say that ScanGuard antivirus is one of the best antivirus around. Parents might not be pleased with the lack of parental control options but they are in the works so you can expect them in the market soon.