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Total AV Review

TotalAV is by far our favorite Antivirus of 2019, read our review to find out why.

When safeguarding your personal data is a priority, you can’t go wrong. With an immersive user interface and strong protection against threats, we found Total AV to be the best option for non-expert users. Protect your information and enjoy multi device safety.

$59.95 / Yr
  • Includes all Essential & Pro Antivirus features +
  • 24/7 Priority Super Fast Support
  • Smartphone Optimizer & Protection
  • Protect 5 devices
  • Virus free or your money back
Editor's Choice Best Value
$39.95 / Yr
  • Includes all Essential Antivirus features +
  • Password Manager
  • Antivirus eBook
  • Protect 3 devices
  • Viruses removed or your money back
  • FREE Support for the life of your subscription
Essential Antivirus
$19.95 / Yr
  • Essential features 1 Device only
  • NEW Advanced Ransomware Protection
  • Real-Time Antivirus Protection
  • Virus, Trojans, Adware, Spyware & Malware Protection
  • Protection Against Phishing Scams
  • Free Up System Space with Disk Cleaner
  • PC Performance & Optimization Tools
  • Remote Firewall Protection
  • Web Shield Extension
  • Web Browser Cleaner & Manager

Total AV Antivirus Overview

Easy to use and incredible value for your money!

Protecting your personal data and information is crucial these days. With cyber crime on the rise, what you need is expert protection against all external and internal threats. To safeguard your network, it’s important to opt for a simple yet effective antivirus. Total AV has proven to be by far the best option available for non-expert users.

Launched in 2016, Total AV offers all the basic features of a quality antivirus. With a simple yet engaging user interface, Total AV provides the strong security features that top-line antivirus provide at an unbeatable price.

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Download Total AV in just 10 minutes and give your network the protection it needs. It automatically updates its virus definitions on the system while downloading. Being a non-intrusive software, Total AV runs silently on the system without interfering with the other processes. So you can be sure that with Total AV you will get a seamless experience that’s difficult to match. Keeping a low profile, Total AV works silently while allowing other processes to also continue with their work.

Most antivirus are known for their ability to occupy large storage space on the RAM or CPU. With the hefty software on hard disk, the other processes suffer. People have to deal with slow devices because the antivirus software ends up taking too much storage space. That’s not the case with Total AV.

Designed for your utmost convenience, Total AV doesn’t use up the entire RAM while working. In fact, it uses very little space, which provides you the freedom to run other processes and applications alongside. With the significant decrease in storage space usage, users are free to use and operate other processes alongside. All the people who want a low impact software to take care of their system should opt for Total AV and enjoy the smooth ride.

Easy to Navigate User Interface

The easy-to-use and creatively designed user interface is the best feature of Total AV. User interface for the antivirus is easy to navigate and the quick access feature ensures the user doesn’t struggle to resolve issues. The color-coded categories help the user detect problems in a glance and with a Fix Issues button, getting rid of problems couldn’t be easier. The user can have a quick overview of the state of their system and hence proceed accordingly.

Multi Device Protection

For complete protection, you can opt for the multi-device safety package. Provide real-time antivirus protection for up to 5 devices. You can protect your devices from virus, adware, spyware, and malware simultaneously. With firewall protection, PC performance, and optimization tools, you can be sure your system is secure!

Detection Tools

The scan features available at Total AV provide you the convenience of standard antivirus software. With two options available, users can opt for the option that best suits their system maintenance needs. Another important factor at play here is the time constraint. When time is of the essence and you need a quick fix for the system problems, you can opt for a quick scan. However the quick scan isn’t all that quick, which means it can take up to 15 minutes for the process to complete. The performance also depends on the state of your system so it might not be the right tool to measure the software’s competence.

The full scan feature however is a different story altogether. Although it takes some time to complete, the whole process was still done in due time. In fact, the full scan option for Total AV is more effective at finding malware in a short time.

Since Total AV is relatively new, it doesn’t offer separate firewall protection, backups, a browser performance optimizer, or parental controls. But not to worry. The website has listed them as coming soon so you’ll be able to get the full-protection package in no time.

Boosts Memory

Have you been experiencing a slow speed system? Tired of a system that keeps hanging? This is a problem that users face frequently but without a proper means to solve the issue, the device quickly becomes clogged with duplicate and junk files.

With Total AV, you don’t have to worry about the health of your system. The File Manager for the antivirus takes care of your system and makes sure the system doesn’t get clogged. The File Manager not only locates the junk files but also removes them. With no junk to take up valuable space, you can be assured that your system will run smoothly. Gone are the days when systems used to hang. With Total AV, you get peace of mind and free space on the RAM.

Improves Browsing Performance

The same junk files that clog up the system are also responsible for slowing down the browsing speed. When there’s urgent work to do and your browser keeps crashing, it’s a clear indication that you need to clear some memory.

In order to improve the internet browsing speed and experience, Total AV keeps an eye out for you. By removing any unwanted cache files and clearing away past history, Total AV frees up much needed space and allows for a seamless internet experience. With just a few clicks, you can optimize your internet browsing experience.

Additional Protection

Most antivirus software come with just the basic features to aid users. With Total AV, you can go the extra mile to safeguard your system. Total AV comes with a variety of additional features that make the software easier to handle and more targeted to resolving issues.

» In-built VPN:
It’s uncommon for most antivirus programs to provide a built-in VPN and that’s what sets Total AV apart from the rest. Added while keeping the users convenience in mind, this built-in VPN has a long list of VPN server locations, more than 40. The safe browsing option by Total AV is a homegrown service and by including it in the package, Total AV has really outdone themselves.

» Disk cleaner:
The disk cleaner option isn’t something that other antivirus programs haven’t done before but the layout for Total AV’s disk cleanup is way pretty. With a better user interface, antivirus programs provide the users convenience of using the program and that’s exactly the case with Total AV’s disk cleaner. Just a few clicks and your system gets rid of all the clogged junk that causes your system to crash.

» System Boost:
With an eye for detail, Total AV helps to enhance your system performance. It’s natural that overtime your system slows down. Even without the junk files to clog up the system, small issues can arise causing the system to slow down. With Total AV however, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

The software helps to identify specific errors and programs. These problematic programs that can impact performance and slow down your experience are then expertly removed from the system. With the threats gone, you can once again enjoy a system that’s up-to-date and protected.

Customer Support

Total AV’s client support plans are definitely much more complete in comparison to other popular antivirus software. In addition to email and phone service, they provide 24/7 online chat on their site. Their customer support agents are efficient, responding to live conversations in just a few seconds, and addressing issues competently. Of course, there is even an online knowledge base, however it is not really complete right now, but by having the superior level of support service provided by customer care reps, this is not some we are concerned about. We even view it as an advantage.


Total AV’s rates were initially on the higher end. They’ve dramatically decreased a few months ago, making them some of the best and most budget-friendly choices available. The Essential Antivirus comes incredibly cheap at only $19.95 a year. This particular plan protects a single device, therefore if you would like to protect more than just one, you may opt for either the Pro Antivirus at $39.95 a year, that protects three devices, or the Ultimate Package, that includes full protection for up to five devices. It’s important to note that at the time your license renews for the next year, you are going to be billed for the regular, non-reduced rate, so it’s a good idea to terminate your subscription and buy once again to get the best price possible.

Total AV offers a 1 Month trial, therefore you can easily try it out to be sure you’re satisfied prior to paying anything.

Bottom Line

All in all, Total AV is a resourceful antivirus program. With the right protection for your system, you can not only streamline your processes but can also enjoy a seamless internet experience. Protection from virus, malware and other threats is significantly reduced once you start using Total AV. So if you want the full package, need to enhance your internet browsing experience and get rid of external threats, Total AV is a remarkable option. Give it a try today!